Find your Magic with Kirtan Kriya Meditation



Meditation can be difficult – we have a never ending ‘to do’ list and always something to do or some place to be.  Now I don’t know about you – but even though I meditate regularly I still struggle to find that elusive ‘no mind’.  The moment I focus on nothing – I focus on everything!!
And of course the juxtaposition that is, by focusing on nothing you are focusing on something.  Grrrr.
The point of meditation is to quieten the mind.  This can be done in many ways.  Teaching children yoga, I often find some mindful, peaceful colouring, or singing can be just as meditative and calming.
The whole point is to fin a moment of peace and tranquillity, thereby allowing thoughts to come clearer and quicker when necessary.
It was through Kundalini Yoga that I discovered my ability to meditate and find that elusive peaceful feeling.  The reason that I find meditation less challenging (not easy) is because Kundalini Yoga uses mantra and mudra.  These allow the brain a focus and the repetitiveness also enables the brain & mind to quieten.  For a deeper insight, a brilliant article on chanting & mantra can be found here.
One of the champions of Kundalini meditations is the ‘Kirtan Kriya’.  This Kriya uses the mantra SA TA NA MA (Existence, Life, Death, Rebirth) and a mudra which stimulates the polarity of every finger.
The focus on the mantra hand movements relaxes and thereby strengthens brain power.  It has been scientifically proven that the Kirtan Kriya can prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s, relieve depression and stimulate the production of Dopamine (the calming chemical) in the brain (ref
A full tutorial is below – please enjoy.