It’s Summer, Let the Sunshine In!! FREE CLASS!! xx

Woo hoo – Summer Solstice!!!  Sing it ——‘SUMMER SOLSTICE’!!!!!

Love it – love summer, love long lazy days, love warmth, love chatting, love al fresco living, love love love all things related to summer, and sunshine, and warmth and etc. – you get the picture.

Love summer

Love summer

So summer solstice – which magically coincides with International Yoga Day, reminds me how connected we are to our planet and the seasons.

When I was backpacking I spent most of my time in a tropical climate.

I missed many things including the obvious family, friends and a good cup of tea.

However, the biggest surprise was the seasons.  I totally missed the changing of the seasons.  The change of colours, smells, light and temperature.

Even though our summers in the UK are not always the stories of movies – more the story of a dismal weather forecast, I still adore the energy around our British summer.

To be free to love and endure our wonderful summer season, enables us to change our life pace and lifestyle, compared with the slower, more snuggly feel of winter.  Our yoga practice can be more active and challenging to complement the warmth and strength of the season.

To celebrate our summer solstice and another beautiful summer (wet or dry), this week’s free class is the good old Sun salutation.  A few rounds of sun salutations warms up the body, strengthens the entire body and gets the blood flowing freely.  It clears the mind, deepens our breath and gives us an all round full body workout.

So enjoy and let the sunshine in.