Yoga & Special Needs
Yoga & Special Needs
Yoga & Special Needs

Yoga for children with Special Needs and Disabilities.

Every child is unique, incredible and talented, and, regardless of age and ability, will reap benefits through Yoga.

Yoga strengthens, mobilises and tones the body. Children learn to ‘inhabit’ their body, gaining confidence and knowledge to work to their full potential. Meditation and relaxation is a welcome break from the unique frustrations and challenges faced by children with special needs.

In a Jo Yoga class children are lead through breath practice, mantra chanting, posture work, relaxation and meditation. They learn a sense of ‘self’ and are able to understand their emotions and how their body is functioning. They learn to adapt and find a way that benefits them, instilling confidence, focus and self belief.

Co ordination, self awareness and patience are increased allowing their body to heal and develop at a natural pace.

I currently work in Additional Needs schools, clubs and with 1:1 private clients. Depending on the ability of the child, most can easily manage with any of my group classes.

Yoga is not an exercise class – it is a lifestyle education, teaching tools to manage stress, aches & pains and enable rest and relaxation.

Jo Yoga classes are always undertaken with joy, positivity and precision and students are left with a feeling of empowerment alongside peace.

Testimonial from Thelma Smith, Manager at Sleaford Laffletics.

When Yoga was suggested to Laffletics as a Saturday morning session, the team were slightly apprehensive. The only reason being, that at Laffletics we have such a variation of abilities, (including youngsters with Autism, Downs Syndrome, Learning disabilities, and behavioral problems) and we thought some of our youngsters would maybe disrupt the session. Well how wrong we were, from the moment Jo arrived, she seemed to capture everyone’s attention, and her positive nature, and feel good way that the Yoga is delivered, left us all, stunned and realizing the qualities that Yoga could bring. We have certainly noticed the ways it has helped with balance, mobility, and concentration skills. We highly recommend that Yoga is something, that should be tried, by any ability, and would welcome anyone to come along to Jo’s session, to take part. Laffletics always looks forward to Jo’s Sessions, they are fun and easy to follow and her monthly visits are always well attended.