Pre school Ages

These are fun. flexible classes in which yoga is introduced in a playful manner. Children are encouraged to be confident and clear whilst learning respect for themselves and others. Yoga will nurture focus, strength & concentration, even at these early stages of their development. Games, stories, postures & mantras are used to engage their imagination & creativity.

Ages 5 – 8

At this age children are beginning to learn about their bodies and breath. This is a 30 – 45 minute class. The children are taken through a fun and dynamic class using traditional yoga practices and games to begin to connect with the self.

Ages 9 – 12

At this age children are able to understand the philosophy of Yoga and can begin to deepen their practice. I will teach them to move deeper into postures and more about their bodies and limitations. Meditation and relaxation becomes more relevant now as the children begin to deal wih the pressures of preparing for or attending secondary school and it is important that they have a place to ‘let go’.


My teen years were joyous and full of laughter, however, I can also remember some very tough times. The transition from child to adult, alongside school & exam pressures (and pretending that I knew what I wanted to be when I ‘grew up’) all amounted to some tearful nights. Teens Need Yoga!! The yoga studio will allow them to recharge, download emotions and reset their energy systems ready for the next challenge they will face. The teen classes are run very much in line with an adult class, working on the breath, postures, alignment, strength and that all important calming relaxation.