Self Care Kriya

This time of year for the children and young people in the UK can be both incredible fun and also daunting & frightening.

Summer time brings with it long days, endless holidays and huge amounts of outdoor time – however running alongside that is the practicalities of school timetabling.  This may involve an upcoming change of school, current exams/tests, new teachers and new class mates.  It is vital that they take care oof themselves, emotionally as well as physically.  In class this term we are experiencing the Self Care Kriya, from the Kundalini Yoga tradition.

Kundalini yoga is a science.  It works on the energy channels and meridians of the body, using postures, movement, breath, eye gaze, mudra and mantra to activate pressure points within the body enabling us to reach a higher state of consciousness and mental clarity.
This short and wonderful Kriya will tune up meridians, detox the cells and bring mental clarity (deep sigh).
To begin – tune in by chanting ‘Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo’ 3 times – click here for quick tutorial.  This connects us to teachers who have gone before us (the golden chain) and awakens our inner teacher and wisdom.  It sets us up to focus in on ourselves and devote this time to our inner wellbeing.
1.  Begin standing and wrap your arms around yourself so you are hugging your lower ribs as tight as you can. Begin kicking you feet out in front of you alternately, allowing for a little jump.  This lifts the heart rate, shakes out any tension in the legs, ankles & feet and loosens the hips.  Do for 3-5 minutes
Pic 1
2.  Exercise is the same as number 1, now adding in a bend to touch the toes after each leg kick (kick/kick/bend) and pop back up to continue.  Try and keep the legs as straight as possible to stretch out the back of the legs.  This is also brilliant for balancing the upper & lower chakras and the central meridian line. Do this for 2 minutes
Pic 2
3.  Sit on your heels in rock pose.  Clasp the hands together and rest them on the top of your head.  Keeping the spine upright begin to rotate the torso in a  circle from the waist.  This releases toxins from our cells, which could possibly result in blocking the blood flow.  Do this for 1 minute.
Pic 3
4.  Still sitting on heels, place the palms of the hand on the cheeks with the Venus Mound of the thumb pushing up under the cheekbones.  Apply enough pressure to distort the face and make speaking difficult.  Purse the lips and ‘drink’ your inhale in (as though slurping a long drink).  Exhale powerfully through the nose.  Continue for 2 minutes.
Pic 4
5.  Sit in a comfortable easy pose (cross legged) and the breathing pattern is the same as before (#4).  Resting hands on knees bend the torso either side.  Inhale one side – exhale the other.  Try to bend as deeply as possible.  2 minutes
Pic 5
6.  Relax lying on your back, arms at your side with palms of hands facing upwards.  Relax and drift off to sleep for as much as an hour.  If this isn’t do able in todays timetable then 11 minutes will also have the desired effect.  Listen to any calming relaxing music, however Yogi Bhajan used Rakhay Rakhanahar by Singh Kaur which has eight beats like the heartbeat and hypnotises you to sleep.  11-60 mins.
Pic 6
Self care is so vitally important and is my ‘theme’ for this year.  Think about how you could achieve more self care dates into your timetable.  Remember – the most important person in your life is YOU.  If you aren’t ok then how can you be ok for your friends, family, work and all the other wonderfulness in your life.
I’d love to know what you think and how you get on.  Please comment below with how you are feeling and also any other great self care tips for us all to support and encourage each other.
Self care, Sisters!!!