Open Your Heart And See The Beauty Around Us.

What does it mean to have an Open Heart?

Well, it means to be available to accept and give love, to be open to new experiences and meeting new people.

When we close ourselves in, which is so easy for us to do, and many of us do as self protection, we miss out on golden opportunities and moments.

Due to the general ethos of the media and their constant displays of anger, violence, war, negativity and the fact that having the general public feel ‘bad’ about themselves and their world sells products and makes wealthy people wealthier, and this means that we live in a constant spiral of negativity.

But our world is brilliant.  Yes there are bad things happening – I do not turn my back on the atrocities that happen in todays world and society, but I also am fully aware of the wonderful things that also happen.  The huge charity movements that make huge differences right down to the neighbour who helps by putting a bin out, or the child who helps an elderly person.  From the global wonder of us being alive on a self sustaining planet, right down to the smile from a stranger.


This is what I mean about being open and having a beautiful open heart.

We do live in a beautiful world and when our heart is open, and we face negativity or upsetting times, we can face them with less fear and a clear and mindful heart.

This enables us to stay in the moment and tackle problems head on and with truth and honesty.

To assist you in finding your open heart, this weeks FREE CLASS is exactly that – an open heart tutorial.

Enjoy and I’ll see you next week.