Do You Need More Energy? [New Video]

So it is 3.30 in the afternoon and you are feeling a little sluggish?  Yes?
That horrible grave yard time of the day – when we regularly get a little energy slump.  If you suffer with this and need a little boost, a little something extra during the day, don’t instantly grab a coffee but try this – Pranayama may just be the tonic you need.
This week we are focusing on the element of Air and with it Pranayama.
Pranayama is one of the eight limbs of yoga as set out by Patanjali many years ago and is a vital component in any Kundalini Yoga class.
Prana is our life force.  The energy that runs through everything keeping us interconnected. Without Prana we are dead – end of – I cannot dress it up.
Yama means to work or manage.
Pranayama means to work with the Life force – or as I like to state – ‘Breath Work’.
Pranayama is a practice which can alter the mind-set and biorhythms of the body IMMEDIATELY!!!!
Air is all around us and with us constantly.  We cannot see it but we know it is there.  Air is also our life force – our prana.
This weeks video is a pranayama practice which eradicates encroaching fatigue and diminishes excess emotionality; so enjoy.
Sit in easy pose with hands in Gyan Mudra.  Eyes are closed.
Spine is straight.  Inhale through the nose in 4 segmented inhales – filling the lungs on the 4th part.
Exhale with four powerful segmented exhales through the nose.
Continue this breath pattern for 1 minute or longer if you feel you need it.
Increasing your Positivity & Vitality
Do you feel a  little ‘out of sync’?  A little low on energy and hutzpah?
It may be that your heart chakra is out of balance so I have made this short video to retune your aura and increase your feelings of vitality & positivity.
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Have a great week.
Love & light
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