Getting Grounded [New Video]

What is this talk of grounding?  In simple terms, when we feel connected to all that ‘is’ – to the earth, to  the present moment and living in truth.  It is possible to be living ‘up in the head’ and still be present and in our truth, however by being grounded, you feel and experience everything fully, and that is what real life as all about.
Being grounded and connected is vital when we feel that life is ‘running away from us’.  When you feel out of control and as though life is living you rather than the other way around.
When that feeling of ‘being lost’ or uncertain takes hold, then it is time to ground yourself.
A person who is grounded can offer great advice and be a tower of strength to those around them.  When you feelgrounded you feel secure and at one and peace with all things.
So how do you ‘ground’.
  1. Take off your shoes and stand barefoot on the lawn or dirt (not asphalt or tarmac).  The neutral ions will balance the positive ions in your body and balance you.
  1. Sit tall with feet resting flat on the ground and hands on thighs.  Breathe deeply for 60 seconds, focusing on taking your breath down into your belly.
  1. Do some grounding postures such as Mountain Pose, Warrior Pose or Crow Pose (see video).


The main thing about feeling grounded is to inhabit the time and space that you are in.
BE HERE NOW – maybe this is your new now – which ever it is enjoy it and love all that is your REAL life.
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Have a great week.
Lots of love & light
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