Clear Thinking Through Yoga

People often ask me – ‘Jo, what yoga can I do for…….(back/knees/neck etc)?’ or ‘what yoga poses will help me sleep/lose weight/be calmer etc?’

Well the answer is simple – ANY!!

Yoga, quite simply, heals.  Any yoga done will assist in the positive changes required.

Yes, there are poses which target certain areas such as plank (shoulder strength & core), Boat (core muscles) and Awkward Chair (lower spine & quads), however our body is one fabulous machine.  Everything is connected and affects other parts of the ‘system’.

clear thinking

So to heal anything – do yoga – any yoga.

This weeks free class is a Back & Shoulders special, which not only releases tension from our back, neck & shoulders but will increase blood flow to the brain, open the heart and lungs and leave you feeling joyful and revitalised.

All for you……