About Me

My Back Story

Hello, I live in the beautiful market town of Sleaford in the heart of rural Lincolnshire.

As well as living in Sleaford for over 9 years, I have enjoyed living, working and travelling abroad and have been practicing yoga all my adult life.

I discovered Kundalini yoga 6 years ago and whilst carrying out my own practice, I began to notice my son, at that time only 2 years old, would copy my movements and try to join in! The little smile on his face indicated he clearly enjoyed what he was doing. Despite his new found passion, playing football, he has helped me to develop my classes by practicing the exercises, movements, breath work and chants which are perfect for children.

I hold a Starchild Yoga teaching accreditation with I-Sky. I am also currently CRB checked and compliant.

My teaching is primarily focused on age ranges 3 to 18 and I am passionate in the belief children will benefit throughout their lives by learning yoga from an early age. With all the stresses, pressures and insecurities of our modern world, I want to empower them with the strength, peace of mind, knowledge, skills and tools yoga will give them in preparing for life.

In March I obtained the Yoga for the Special Child certification, therefore work with children of all abilities from birth onwards.

Love & support them for they are perfect- Jo xx